Stephen Gately

Miss your smile
Miss the moments
We were wild
We will always be

In my heart
Couldn’t hold it
When you left you took the melody

It’s not our choice
But it still feels wrong
Without your voice it’s just not a song
It’s just not a song

Cause you make it real and it gets hard to feel
If you could only come back
Come back

I would give anything
Just want to hear you sing
If you could only come back
Come back

For one more song
For one more song

You’re our friend and you’ll always be
And your place are forever keep
When I’m down
I look up to the sky so you can lift me up

To fill my heart again
With only music you can
Cause I will never be the same
Without your heart
Without your love
Without your soul

I miss my friend, I miss his melody
Come back
Miss him now
Come back
Miss my friend, Miss his melody

One More Song by Boyzone.  Taken from the album Brother. Dedicated to Stephen Gately