London, Apr. 5 : Irish boy band Boyzone, which has only seven weeks left for the commencement of their comeback, has decided to include eight burlesque dancers to sex up their show.

The band is pulling out all stops in a bid to outdo ‘The Spice Girls’ and ‘Take That’ in the comeback battle.

Band members Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately, Shayne Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham are honing up their muscles like maniacs in a gym, and there are whispers of the band vowing to sing live.

“They are all well aware of how well The Spice Girls and Take That did and are doing anything and everything they can in a bid to make sure they are the comeback kings,” The Sun quoted a source close to the band, as saying.

“Ronan is the most obsessed. He saw The Spice Girls in concert three times to try and get ideas,” the source said.

“They’ve held audition for super hot female dancers in a bid to out sex the ones that Take That danced with on stage. I’ve heard they will be writhing around in their underwear.

“They’re also worried about singing live. They came from an era when nobody used to sing on tour so they got away with it. Think of S Club and Steps. But now it’s all changed,” the source added.

The boys are so serious about the comeback that they have even given up drinking Guinness, which they believe would build up the calories in their bodies.

“In the old days the boys were a load of p*ss heads. But now they have given up the beer in an attempt to look as good as they can possibly look.

“In their heyday Shane used to be the biggest boozer but now he’s a changed man,” the source said.

“They realised Take That looked better than ever on their tour and they don’t want to look like a poor man’s version. It’s making them even more determined,” the source added.

The show, which is yet to go on the road, has already sold some 200,000 tickets in the UK and Ireland for the tour, which kicks off in Belfast on May 25.

Shane is eager to find out who has bought the tickets, and what the crowd will be like.

“I have no idea if it will be our old fans or if it’s a new young crowd. When I go on stage I’m going to look into the audience and see who’s there,” Shane said.

“I’m overjoyed that people have bought tickets. It’s easy to come up with the decision to go on tour but now the fear factor has settled in and we’ve really got to work at it.

“We’re a lot more wiser. I’m handling it differently to how I thought it would be,” he stated.

“I know exactly who I am and what I’m doing. I understand myself very well at this point in my life.

“Some of that’s down to my new book Chancer. It’s about my survival and how I appreciate things. I turned my life around from a young boy who couldn’t read or write into being part of Boyzone,” he added.

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