‘Every Thai woman thinks Ronan is very sexy’ and so do I…. 🙂


In his first concert in Bangkok in three years, Ronan Keating proved he had
lost none of his talent, nor his popularity.

In a superb 90-minute performance at the Royal Paragon Hall on Monday night,
the Irish singer blew the capacity audience away with a brilliant show,
combining songs from his latest album – Bring You Home – with old
favourites, including one from the days of his former band, Boyzone.

It was a high energy performance that electrified the 5,000-strong audience,
pre-dominantly young female fans, who lost no time in showing their
appreciation. “Sorry it’s taken so long to get back,” he told audience, who
did not seem to care. All the old songs were greeted with excited yells and
even ageing men sang along with them. The energy on-stage was contagious.
There is no doubt that the clean-shaven, clean-living performer has a
charisma that few other rock artists have today.

Appropriately, he started his gig with Turn Me On …; the refrain brought a
rapturous response from the audience. “Its great to be back,” he assured
them. He then alternated slower love songs with more racy rock numbers. His
heartfelt rendition of the old Cat Stevens number Father and Son was
certainly one of the high points of the evening. He sang the song with an
infectious passion, and he has often said this song started his musical career.

“For as long as I live this will be my first song, the song that brought me
into music … something in the words and melody seeped through and fuelled
the fire that made me want to write and sing.”

The performance also included old favourites – If Tomorrow Never Comes and
Loving Each Day – with It’s So Easy to Love You, from his new album. For
part of the evening Keating was joined by Janet Ramus, whose strong female
voice balanced Keating’s, and they sang some powerful duets, especially
their rendition of Last Thing on My Mind.

For Keating, the high point in the performance was Friends in Time, from his
latest album, sung to a new racier arrangement with a stronger rock beat
than the album version.

“I love Friends in Time off the new album, and it’s a great song to play
live. It’s a buzz; you just can’t help but get into it, to move to it. It’s
got a lovely feel to it, real acoustic guitar, it’s great,” Keating told the
Bangkok Post before the performance.

Keating ended his performance with one of the audience’s favourites – Life
Is a Rollercoaster – which brought the audience to its feet cheering and
singing along. As he sang: “You’ve really got me flying tonight,” hundreds
of fans rushed to the front of stage, dancing and waving their hands in the air.

“People are going to enjoy themselves – or at least I hope so,” Ronan
predicted on the eve of the concert and the performance on the night did not

When he and his backing band, the Shands, left the stage, the audience began
to howl for more. The hysteria was almost palpable as the audience continued
to demand an encore. Keating, although he was losing his voice, complied and
sang two of his most famous songs, capping a memorable performance with the
all-time favourite, When You Say Nothing at All.

Keating has an extremely sensual appeal on-stage. And the largely female
audience soaked up the atmosphere and responded to the electrifying performance.

“Every Thai woman thinks Ronan is very sexy,” said a 20-year-old fan, Rung.
“I have listened to Ronan since I was a teenager,” she said.

Keating clearly created real empathy with his audience. “When I listen to
Ronan sing his love songs I feel he is singing them especially for me,” said
lifelong fan 31-year-old Ge Ge.

From the very start of his performance he involved the audience in the show,
occasionally coming off-stage to personally greet some of the fans in the
front rows. The whole hall responded with enthusiasm.

“I love you Bangkok,” Keating shouted to the crowd as he was leaving the
stage for the last time, and from the audience reaction, Bangkok still loves
him, too.

…source from Bangkok Post….