Ronan Keating expressed his honour at being the first real international
star to tour Cambodia in a press conference at the Hotel Cambodiana, hours
before his May 9 concert in Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium. Arranged by Glen
Felgate, General Manager of Cambodia Television Network, and supported by
major local sponsors including ANZ Royal, Cellcard, Total and the Hotel
Cambodiana, the one-off concert is part of an Asian tour that includes
Taipei and Bangkok.

“I’m delighted to be here,” the Irish singer said at a press conference in
the Hotel Cambodiana. “I can’t wait to see more of the country”.

Although he didn’t know quite what to expect for the turnout, the former
Boyzone star promised to mix up ”the flavour of the old albums, and some
new songs as well.”

Ronan is the first really world famous singer to perform in Phnom Penh, a
responsibility he does not take lightly.

“I hope it will open some doors and that more musicians come here,” he said.
“It will hopefully make people realize it’s a great country and be good for
tourism here too.”

Renowned for his work with charity, Ronan is collaborating with Total, on a
road safety campaign in Cambodia.

“It’s a massive problem here, and hopefully this will bring some awareness
to it,” he said.

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